Maggie Mailer's Floating World At The Teaching Gallery At HVCC


The Boston Globe

Creating a scene: Painter and sculptor Maggie Mailer sparks a renaissance in Pittsfield

 By Don Aucoin, Globe Staff, 1/6/2004

 PITTSFIELD -- A large, unfinished canvas beckons to Maggie Mailer, its turbulent greens and oranges awaiting some kind of resolution, and that glycerine-soap sculpture near the front door isn't going to just finish itself, either.

 But Mailer's art will have to wait. A bearded young man has just poked his head into her studio with a question she hears a lot these days. ''Are there spaces?'' he inquires. ''I thought it might be kind of fun to be a storefront portrait artist.'' Mailer smiles. She has good news: ''We just found out about more space.''

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North Adams Transcript

Profile: Maggie Mailer, The Balloonists


Painter Maggie Mailer’s new work envisions a time of ultimate disaster and the absurd steps the human race might take to save itself by rising above it all — in balloons.

Her show “The Balloonists” is currently showing at Ferrin Gallery at 437 North St.

Mailer had previously visited a scene of global apocalypse in her work “The Volcano Sitters,” but with “The Balloonists” she has coupled distress with humor and added jaunty hot air balloons as the human solution to extinction.

In each scene, Mailer presents a hot air balloon floating among a vague end of the world scenario, where the survivors exist possibly as 19th-century aeronautical gadabouts, just bobbing above the unpleasantness. It’s like a tea party in the skies as the earth crumbles below.

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